The AGORA in ancient Greece was the Assembly of free people, who were summoned to know the princes’ and the generals’ decisions.  This assembly  used to gather in the central square of the town,  it was called Agora and it became the center of the economic, political and cultural life. 

There they held religious feasts, solemn rites; it was also the seat of trials and many problems were discussed, every citizen could  participate, give his opinion .

In ancient times,  when  the culture was orally transmitted, the Agora was the place, where rhapsodes and aoidos played their works or the Homeric poems: in Greece they represented Sophia’s power, as Xenophanes says; the Agora was the place, where Socrates, one of the most important philosophers, spoke about his ideas and got in contact with learned people, helped by irony and refutation when he doubted their thought.

For these reasons the Agora  is also one of the oldest cultural roots, it’s the place where the most important thinkers learned and taught the passion for knowledge.

The platonic Protagoras says : " the town can" .

It is the reason why the name of the association is L’AGORÀ .

For us it’s important to let our statute  and the activities, financied by members, known.

Doing researche about the traditions and the history of Calabria, the goal of the association is the cultural and civil development of the town, and the promotion of cultural activities: exhibitions, concerts, meetings and plays